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Experienced long distance movers in Tampa

At Tampa Movers And Junk Hauling, we make both local and long-distance moving simple and convenient by taking care of the parts that may make you feel that the process is overwhelming. Through this, we give you enough time to focus on your future in your new location and handle the things that you do best.

Many people who come to us for our services know that none of our business rivals in Tampa, Fl, have a more advanced moving system than we do. This system begins with the matchless individual attention that each of our customers gets.

What Set ABC Apart from Other Long Distance Movers Tampa Fl?

Your choice of a long-distance mover will determine your overall moving experience. We have all had bad moving experiences. And if you reflect on the kind of company that you chose, you can tell without doubt that you made a wrong decision. To insure a smooth transition, it’s important to know how to choose the right long distance movers.

Safety of your belongings

At Tampa Movers and Junk Hauling, we fully involve you in the moving process from the pre-planning stage all the way to the end. Our pricing model is simple and transparent. Besides, we do not charge you anything extra from the stipulated rates. We take the responsibility of your belongings and ensure that we deliver them within the shortest time possible in the right condition. 

If, in the unlikely scenarios, your property is damaged in our hands, we take full responsibility. Our long distance movers Tampa Fl, however, are professionals with the ability to mitigate such risks. 


Many moving companies think they have a right to deliver their customer’s belongings at their convenience. If one of their crews falls ill, for example, they feel that you need to sympathize with them and give them unreasonably more time.  

Others also believe that they can hold your properties hostage until you pay the amount that they want.

Our company only recruits professionals. Once you hire us, you deserve to get your belongings delivered at the agreed time. We keep time and provide no excuses despite where you want us to take your goods. 

Moreover, we conclude issues of payment before we start the work. As such, you know in advance the amount that you owe us. Since we don’t charge any extra fee, you won’t expect last-minute surprises.

fair quote

Many cross country moving companies in Tampa Fl quote you based on weight. The problem with this method is that you might not know how much each of your belongings weighs. Other moving companies also quote based on feet. The same problem applies. You cannot know how the company will pack your items, which makes it difficult to predetermine the exact amount of space that can get your move done. 

These pricing systems are complex and leave a lot of room for manipulation. To make your work easy, we agree with you on the best price. From experience, we consider the flat rate binding price that most suitable for long-distance moving. It allows you to get fast and convenient service at an affordable cost.

We help you to pack all your items professionally inside our quality boxes. We can also shrink-wrap them when necessary to reduce the number of trucks and screws that we need to send to you. 

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We are a reputable team of cross country moving companies in Tampa. However, if you need a local moving service, we still have you covered. Our long-distance packages include:

  • The service of a fleet of well-maintained trucks designed for long-distance travel
  • The same supervisor takes care of your furniture from the start to the end
  • We drive your belongings direct to your destination
  • We disassemble and reassemble your furniture
  • No hidden fees
  • Flat rate binding price

To choose the best and affordable long distance movers, Tampa Fl fast, contact Tampa Movers and Junk Hauling.